Posted March 23, 2013 by WomensMMA in InvictaFC

Cyborg: No Issues Fighting Fox


The controversy surrounding transgender fighter Fallon Fox has been a hot topic in Women’s MMA the past several weeks, but one female fighter doesn’t see it as an issue – Christiane “Cyborg” Santos:

She wants to be a girl. I don’t agree. I think you’re born a girl, you’re a girl. You’re born a guy, you’re a guy. But I don’t choose opponents. The commission needs to check and make sure she doesn’t have testosterone. I’m not going to judge other people. If the commission says she can fight, why not? People tell me on Twitter: ‘I think you have a d—.’ A lot of bad things, they say. I think people have a small mind. They don’t think a girl can punch hard like a man. I think people are ignorant. People are stupid. I don’t want to be the same as people who do that.”

Santos is no stranger to controversy herself, especially after her one-sided fight with fan favorite Gina Carano and subsequent positive test for a steroid substance after her Strikeforce title defense in 2011.

The prospect of a fight between Santos and Fox has some Women’s MMA insiders concerned of negative publicity harming the future of the fledgling sport as it just begins to emerge into the national spotlight. Regardless, the topics of transgender athletes and performance enhancing drugs aren’t going to disappear by being swept under the rug, and if the Women’s MMA fans and athletes will don’t address them in a productive manner, they will be addressed by people who may not have the best intentions of the athletes and fans in mind.