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From Rugby to MMA: Mollie Estes

Mollie Estes

Corey Smith with InvictaFC interviews Kansas City-based pro fighter Mollie Estes on her transition from Rugby into MMA, and the fight scene in KC.

CS: Along with MMA, you used to play rugby. Which sport is tougher?
ME: When we would recruit new rugby players our first comment to them would always be, “You are going to get hurt.” I played 15 on 15, which means 80 minutes of tackling, getting up, getting tackled, stepped on, and getting up again.

ME: We played every Saturday during the season and I have witnessed on the field broken femurs, compound fractures, always a broken nose, dislocated shoulders, cracked ribs… I could go on. In MMA one trains for a few weeks for one fight which could last 1 minute or 15 minutes. Damage is sure to occur in either sport, but exposure is far less with MMA. The level of fitness is comparable as well.

CS: You went 7-1 over your Amateur career. What were the best lessons that you learned from those fights?

ME: Going into my first fight I had never really punched someone. I remember thinking how surreal it was. I was about to step into a cage, hurt this girl, and I wasn’t going to be in the least amount of trouble for it (no fouls!). I was so excited!

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