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Q&A With Roxy Modafferi

Last week, we sat down and interviewed WMMA pioneer, 11 year veteran, and InvictaFC Flyweight Roxanne “The Happy Warrior” Modafferi. And by “we sat down,” I mean I emailed her a bunch of questions since I’ve never done this before, and then I emailed her with follow-ups, leading to an email chain that produced the following interview. Enjoy!


Dan Frederick: Hi Roxy, first off, I was wondering how your training in Las Vegas has affected you as a fighter. It’s going on a full year since you’ve been with Syndicate MMA, has it not? Do you feel the adjustment has helped you develop?

Roxanne Modafferi: I’ve gotten so much better since coming to Syndicate (http://syndicate-mma.com/). I’m the kind of fighter who needs a coach to guide them and work one-on-one. I didn’t get any of that in Japan, but I got lots of it here at Syndicate.  I keep lamenting that I could have gotten so much farther in my career if I had moved back sooner, but the opportunities just weren’t there for me back then.


DF: Are you currently training full-time? Who are your current sponsors?

RM: I am training full-time now.  I only teach jiu-jitsu to kids at my gym a few days a week. I have some sponsorship agreements with the companies Herbal Papaya, Intimidation clothing, and the S&C company Dominate your Game.  However, my biggest sponsors are my wonderful fans. I have the best fans ever.  They send me socks, support, and love.


***Note: this Q&A was conducted just prior to the announcement of Invicta FC 8.***

DF: I was wondering in particular if you had any news on who you might be fighting in Invicta, and if you had any word on that. Since Invicta FC was announced for FightPass, while that announcement was huge, there’s been little word on what Invicta 8 and Invicta 9 will comprise of beyond the main events. Do you have any thoughts on who you might be fighting or who you’d like to fight? Do you have any feelings about fighting specifically on FightPass?

RM: I have no news as of now (7/8/14) and I’m frustrated at not fighting. I’ve been ready for many months now.  I’m letting my coach deal with who I’m going to fight next.


DF: How has Shannon Knapp been?

RM: Shannon Knapp is an awesome person, and I’m happy about their deal with Fightpass.


DF: Also, has being on The Ultimate Fighter changed your daily life any? Do you get recognized on the street ever? How do you handle it if you do?

RM: Being on TUF has totally changed my life.  I’m always recognized on the street and in Walmart (why Walmart?) in Las Vegas, especially.  I love it. It’s such an honor that people actually know who I am and want to talk to me, despite the fact that I didn’t win the show.  Lots of people write to me on my social media and compliment me.  Nobody really knew me in Japan except die-hard fans at arenas.


DF: How do you feel about [former teammate] Heather Jo Clark’s chances on TUF 20?

RM: I think Heather Jo Clark has a great chance of winning on TUF!  She’s so talented and a hard-worker.


DF: Would you like to see Megumi Fujii come out of retirement for maybe one last match or one short run in the UFC, now that they have a Strawweight division? Or maybe one last fight in Invicta?

RM: I think Megumi Fuji will not come out of retirement.  She had a ceremony and everything, and has changed her lifestyle already.  Japanese usually stick with their decisions.


DF: I realize you were friends and acquaintances with some of the other women on TUF 18 prior to the show, but have you kept in touch with them since then?

RM: I’ve kept in touch with Jessamyn, Shayna, Miesha, Peggy, and Cody.  We just tended to support each other the most on the show.


DF: Do you hope that Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate can quash their feud at some point?

RM: I’m pretty sure neither Ronda nor Miesha will or have any interest in trying to squash a feud.


DF: If you had the opportunity would you consider doing some high profile grappling on the side, like ADCC, Grappler’s Quest, the Mundials, or Metamoris or whatnot?

RM: I’ve always thought that I shouldn’t do grappling tournaments anymore, to save myself for MMA fighting where I can earn money and my efforts will add to my reputation.  Maybe I was wrong. I hear about other pro fighters doing Grapplers Quest and so on. I might look into it. Grappling is my favorite thing, after all.


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