Posted February 25, 2014 by Sydnie Jones in News

Adam Hunter: “I’m definitely not going to make anymore transgender jokes.”

Well, hey, that’s great news! He also says he’s ‘starting to tone down the female fighter jokes.’  His comments indicate a welcome departure from his previous approach, which we reviewed here recently. Thankfully, his opinions on whether Fallon Fox should be able to fight against other female fighters are irrelevant; otherwise, kudos to him for taking steps in the right direction.

From this interview at MMA Sucka:

“Strk: Is there anything that you believe you need to improve on with MMA Roasted, whether it’s from the podcast or twitter account? Are there any particular goals that you still want to reach from a career perspective?

Hunter:  Absolutely there is always something to improve on. I’m starting to tone down the female fighter jokes. I’ve gotten some heat from a few jokes, specifically the Fallon Fox jokes. It’s one thing to make fun of dumb celebrities. It’s another thing to make fun of someone, who is a fighter and works extremely hard at what they do. I never intended to hurt Fox or anyone with these jokes. They are all in good spirit, that’s why I get along with so many fighters. I just believe she shouldn’t be fighting against female fighters. I’m definitely not going to make anymore transgender jokes. Sometimes I believe people are too sensitive, other times I do cross the line. At the end of the day, I have nothing but respect for anyone who fights for a living.”

Sydnie Jones