Posted May 1, 2014 by Sydnie Jones in News

More information on the other Cristiano Oliveira case; Gracie Barra denies previous knowledge

Cristiano Oliveira, arrested a week ago today on charges of child rape, molestation, and sexual misconduct, was already facing allegations of inappropriate behavior with a minor from last year. In an interview with that child’s lawyer, J.J. Sandlin said not only did his client have to receive mental health counseling due to Oliveira’s predatory and inappropriate behavior, but also that he had sent the Gracie Barra Association information about Oliveira and the allegations against him.

The lawsuit papers against Cristiano Oliveira and the Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu company said Oliveira began grooming this young girl for his sexual pleasure. He also made unwanted advances toward the minor through facebook(sic).┬áSandlin said the young girl had to receive mental health counseling for (Oliveira’s) inappropriate conduct.

The lawyer said he’s given the company plenty of notice about Oliveira’s behaviors.

Flavio Almeida, executive director, responded to that statement in a telephone conversation with reporter Laura Murray:

“We never were served any papers. We never received any emails, never received any communication, no verbal about this specific lawsuit, and if we had we would have taken action immediately.”

Sydnie Jones