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Justine Kish Wins Via UD at RFA for 3rd Win in 6 Months

Justine Kish  won tonight over Randa Markos via unanimous decision! She’s now 4-0-0. Here’s a piece about her return.

via MMAWeekly

Following a two-year layoff from MMA, multiple-time Muay Thai champion Justine Kish stepped back into the cage this past year with back-to-back wins over Christine Stanley and Jin Tang.

So far with three wins in three MMA fights, Kish has been able to make the transition from striking to well-rounded mixed martial artist with solid results.

“The transition has gone really well,” she told MMAWeekly.com. “The training is what I love to do and it keeps me busy and so far I’ve had good competition.

“I’d always wanted to do more (after focusing on Muay Thai), so I decided to get back into MMA. I knew that I had done so much striking that I’d had to put more focus on my wrestling and grappling so I’d be strong everywhere.”

Of her wins in 2013, Kish feels she did well, but could have done better.

“The first one (against Stanley) ended in a second-round submission, but the second one (against Tang) went to decision, so I feel (the second fight) wasn’t up to par for some reason,” said Kish. “I knew I had won the match, but I still wasn’t at my best.”

When Kish makes her return to MMA on Friday at RFA 12 in Los Angeles against Randa Markos Thomas (3-0), she’ll be doing so at a lighter weight, because as she puts it, that’s where she feels the best opportunities are.

“I was having trouble finding bouts at 125 and I knew there was a lot of talent at 115, so I figured I would do it while I had the energy, while I was still young and still loved it,” said Kish. “I think it was a really good decision because I feel like my conditioning and everything has improved overall.”

When it comes to facing Thomas, Kish won’t be planning as much ahead as she will be making adjustments throughout the fight to find her best course towards winning the bout.

“I’ll decide my game plan that day,” said Kish. “The only thing I can do is get myself ready in every aspect possible. I think we’ll game plan if we need one, but for now I just want to be strong in every part of it.

“I know she’s coming down (from Canada) with good credentials and experience, so it should be a really great match-up.”

At a new weight and with a big opportunity to have a breakout performance in front of a large audience, Kish feels she could be taking one step closer to her goal with a win on Friday night.

“The big goal is certainly the UFC, but beyond that I’m not really thinking of anything too much,” she said. “I’m just thinking about competing at 115 right now and see how I do.”

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