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Rowdy Bec Rawlings Details Abuse; War Machine Laughs While Christy Mack Testifies

TUF 20 contestant and Invicta veteran ‘Rowdy’ Bec Rawlings, who spoke about the abusive relationship she was in on episode 8, posted multiple screen caps of exchanges from, she says, Dan Hyatt. The full post is here. In it, she says:

I really have tried to move on with my life but Dan still keeps entering our lives periodically. Whether it’s cornering me at a grocery store where I froze in fear or now spreading his story of delusions after my fight episode on the ultimate fighter aired. UFC has supported me and I’ve tried to ignore it and move on. especially now that I’m into the final 30 days before my next fight. But it’s impossible.

There is no point in trying to hide from it I still fear becoming one of those women you hear about on the news who is killed along with her children by a crazy ex.

Take a look at this screen cap:


In it, the writer claims that now that everyone knows, he won’t be able to ‘pull any shit like (he) used to.’ The implication being, of course, that it’s not the actual effects of being hurtful and abusive and betraying trust that might inspire someone to not be that way. It’s that everyone knows and now everyone is watching so he wouldn’t dare risk it. Clearly a rational thought process from a rational, trustworthy person.



This one is especially convincing. Here the writer tells Rawlings that basically no guys (besides him) would want her, given that she has two kids while the writer is apparently swimming in pussy. Yeah, Bec, why wouldn’t you go back to a man so good he still wants you despite the horrible, horrible things you’ve done to him and how unappealing you are to like every other man and have you even noticed how in demand he is with the ladies?



In this touching missive, the writer explains all the great things Bec did for him, talks about how no one can match his own self-loathing for how he’s behaved, and then immediately tells Rawlings she is responsible for the fractured father-son relationship. Not the abuser. This is in the midst of bemoaning how empty life is without Rawlings and how, despite having a new baby on the way, he can’t really be bothered to think about it.

These are screen caps posted to Rawlings’ Facebook account, so technically, the content is unverified as having come from Hyatt. If, however, Rawlings took it upon herself to craft an elaborate back story with supporting evidence, she captured the mentality of an abuser so masterfully someone should award her an honorary PhD in psychology.


War Machine Laughs While Christy Mack Testifies

During a preliminary hearing where both Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas testified, a judge upheld the 34 charges against War Machine. During Mack’s testimony, it was all so hilair War Machine couldn’t help but chuckle, which, of course, people totally overreacted to and got all up in arms about. I mean, come on, we know this is all a fabrication on the part of an unstable ex-girlfriend, right? There are two sides to every story. Including the story where your professional mixed martial artist ex-boyfriend comes to your home in the middle of the night and assaults you and your guest. Primo opportunity to capitalize on an F-list celebrity’s fading star or whatever it is idiots claim was her motivation for “lying.”

Hey, have you ever heard anyone sincerely screaming in terror for her life?

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