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UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Jon Jones Says Bill Cosby Too Classy & Famous to ‘Have’ to Rape

You’d think Jon Jones would’ve learned by now that he should probably not allude to or comment on anything relating to rape or sexual assault, but when TMZ asked him about the multiple allegations of rape levied against Bill Cosby, he was happy to joke around about the whole thing.

If you haven’t heard, the number of women saying Bill Cosby raped/assaulted them is now in the double digits. 12, to be exact (as of 11/21/14). They’re probably all colluding to destroy millions of people’s beloved nostalgia because that’s what women do to famous men. Sooooo hard to be a famous man these days, when women everywhere want to ride your coattails for their own benefit. Ride them right to the public disdain and humiliation that accompanies coming forward with allegations like these. Ride them right through the traumatic legal system where defense attorneys still, in almost 2015, are willing to put the blame even on survivors like 14 year old girls who have been raped by their teachers. Or judges willing to put the blame on 14 year old girls raped by their teachers who then go on to commit suicide.

When asked about the allegations, Jon Jones said, “…I don’t think Bill Cosby would do that. I’ve never met him, but from what I’ve seen, he seems to be a class act…and I really hope that’s not true. I mean, he’s Bill Cosby, he shouldn’t (have) had to take it, you know what I mean?”

A class act, unlike true rapists, who we all know look like shady, dirty guys who walk around in their ‘RAPIST’ shirts.

He really hopes that’s not true. The converse, then, is the idea that multiple women would lie about Bill Cosby assaulting them is easier to swallow than Bill Cosby being a serial rapist….which is sexist as shit.

“He shouldn’t (have) had to take it.” Rape is not about sexual gratification, so the issue isn’t whether women were throwing themselves at Bill Cosby’s feet, thereby negating the necessity of ‘taking’ it. Also…is there a situation wherein a man should have to take it, to ensure his ability to get what he wants?

Studies show that the major motive for rape is power, not sex. Sex is used as a weapon to inflict pain, violence and humiliation. Most rapists appear to have normal personalities with an abnormal tendency to be aggressive and violent. Between 2/3 and 3/4 of sexual assaults are planned in advance. –source

Between Anthony Johnson laughing about domestic violence and this, the UFC should realize how their blind eye looks to everyone else. I think Mookie Alexander put it best in this tweet:

Sydnie Jones