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Emphatic Failure: A Brief Overview of Domestic Violence in MMA

By Sydnie Jones Mixed martial arts, commonly referred to as MMA, is a combat sport desperately grappling for legitimacy as a professional sport. Combining elements from multiple martial arts, including Brazilian jiu jitsu, wres...

Jessica Aguilar: Free Agent

The news spread quickly throughout the twitterverse Monday: strawweight Jessica “JAG” Aguilar (19-4) had been released from her WSOF contract and was now a free agent. This was quickly followed by a flurry of tweets wondering w...


White-washing: Sexism, Misogyny, and Domestic Violence in MMA, Part 2

In the first part of this series, I discussed casual sexism among the biggest names in MMA, the types of MMA stories that reach mainstream media, and touched on how Dana White’s stubbornness is the bullet he’s putti...