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Heather Jo Clark & Leslie Smith Rocked Him Like A Hurricane

Renowned BJJ trainer Cesar Gracie recently told an interesting story on his Facebook page about strawweight Heather Jo Clark (7-4) and bantamweight Leslie Smith (7-6) {typos and errors in the original}: “Dirtbag decides to sexu...

TUF 20 Promo Released; Is Almost Entirely Disappointing & Sexist

First, the women themselves are, of course, not disappointing. This isn’t a criticism of them. But the way the UFC has chosen to present the fighters, from the very first word we see and hear, is disappointing. BEAUTY, we...


Q&A With Roxy Modafferi

Last week, we sat down and interviewed WMMA pioneer, 11 year veteran, and InvictaFC Flyweight Roxanne “The Happy Warrior” Modafferi. And by “we sat down,” I mean I emailed her a bunch of questions since I’ve n...