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Anthony Rumble Johnson LOLs at the Multiple Allegations of Domestic Violence Against Him, Calls Concerns a “Joke”

With the stubborn oblivion the UFC is known for, they trumpeted a Q&A with Anthony Rumble Johnson on Twitter, who has had three allegations of domestic violence against him over the course of five years. As we’ve discussed previously, the case from 2009 was resolved with a no contest plea in 2010:

…Anthony Johnson, who entered a nolo contendre (no contest) plea for domestic violence in 2010. Johnson, who is somehow still in the UFC despite what White describes as a strict policy enforced since “day one,” was rehabilitated by the penal system with the following: one day in county jail, eight hours of community service, three years’ probation, and 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling. Boy, what a penance.

Just as a refresher, here is the story of the actions he was so innocent of he chose not to contest them:

The ex-girlfriend said Johnson came to her house near Chabot College in Hayward about 10:50 p.m. and banged on the door. She told police she said she didn’t want to speak to him. When Johnson then forced the door open, it struck her in the head, according to the police report. The woman told police that Johnson pushed her around, picked her up by her armpits and slammed her to the ground. He then put her in a headlock and dragged her up a flight of stairs, according to the report.

After the most recent charges were voluntarily dropped, the UFC issued a tone-deaf statement, which inexplicably included this at the end:

The UFC organization will not tolerate domestic violence, sexual assault or any other violation of its Code of Conduct. The organization is committed to thoroughly investigating all allegations and taking the appropriate action when warranted.

So…what does the UFC think a no contest plea and sentencing for the charges is, exactly? Like, he literally plead that he could not contest the charges of domestic violence brought against him. The UFC so far has provided no rationale for this bizarre exemption, nor have they explained themselves regarding Abel Trujillo, who plead guilty, twice, to Domestic Abuse Assault Causing Bodily Injury.

But anyway. Despite recent and hilarious gaffes by the likes of JPMorgan, the NYPD, and Bill Cosby, the UFC proceeded with the Q&A, and naturally, I had to ask (follow me btw imo):

Johnson responded with:  

Succinct and accurate. I also find the idea that three women would all lie about the same thing involving Anthony Johnson over the course of five years and maintain that lie to the point of legal charges pretty entertaining. Primarily because it’s so outlandish and absurd and sexist you’d have to be an asshole and/or willfully ignorant to buy into it. LOLLOL!

If that wasn’t delightful enough, when someone pointed out that it’s not a laughing matter, this is the response Johnson and his people and the UFC thought was chill enough to not immediately delete in horror:

I mean, maybe Johnson is onto something. Does he have a reason to not be amused by multiple allegations of domestic violence lobbed against him, given that two-thirds of the time it all just goes away?

What extent do you suppose that is? Probably like 66% of the max possible extent. Understandable. What a resilient dude. Presumably, it’s his positive attitude that’s gotten him where he is today, in the most elite MMA promotion in the world, about to headline a card in Europe. And if he wins, then he gets a title shot. What an inspiring story of overcoming the adversity of crazy bitches trying to ruin a man because women.

Ah, yes, the smarmy ‘why so negative’ gaslighting. We’ve addressed it before, when fight promoter Neil Forester got all pouty and childish that people took exception to the convicted rapist on his card. It’s a convenient way to deflect serious matters by suggesting the other party is, in fact, the person being offensive. Not the UFC fighter who LOLs about his history of domestic violence charges. That’s not offensive at all, considering it’s all a “fucking joke.” Johnson favoriting this Tweet? Also not offensive:


As ever, the UFC is apparently on board with this blasé totes whatevs attitude, which is in keeping with their actions, versus their stated hard-line stance on their Code of Conduct. But if you’re a true MMA fan, you won’t look too closely at what the UFC says and what they actually do.

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