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Invicta signs multi-year deal with UFC Fight Pass

image courtesy of Invicta FC

image courtesy of Invicta FC

In a press release issued June 5th, Invicta and UFC announced a ‘historic content deal’ for Invicta events to air exclusively through Fight Pass:

The Ultimate Fighting Championship and Invicta Fighting Championships are excited to announce that UFCFIGHTPASS.com, the UFC’s digital streaming service, is now the exclusive digital broadcaster of the world’s leading all-female MMA organization.

UFC FIGHT PASS chief content officer Marshall Zelaznik said: “This is a historic multi-year, multi-event deal.”

Fight Pass has been plagued by problems, including feed interruption or dropping completely, and subject to extensive criticism. You get access to a vast library of fights and MMA history, which is cool. It comes at the cost of a monthly fee, which may be a deterrent to people unfamiliar with MMA but interested in learning more about it. Here, sign up for a monthly subscription for this sport you don’t know anything about to see old fights and prelims, but you’ll still have to pay for PPVs, oh and also fights on Fox and Fox Sports 1 are not on Fight Pass, but this is definitely the way to see if UFC is worth your time(?). However, frustrating as it may be to fans who don’t subscribe, it’s admittedly better than Fight-Pass-only events not taking place at all because there was no place to broadcast them. There is also a free seven-day trial.

Despite Fight Pass’ issues, when there hasn’t been an Invicta event since December 7, 2013, it’s an improvement over the status quo. Another obvious benefit is reaching the existing subscribers, and due to the UFC affiliation, more exposure via support from them outside of Fight Pass – social media,  press releases, et cetera.

However, given the multi-year contract with Fight Pass, Invicta content will not be available per event, and there’s probably less of any possibility that Invicta events could end up on television anytime soon. So Invicta gains a following from current MMA fans, but exposure to potential MMA fans may be somewhat obscured by Fight Pass’ barriers to entry. Hopefully, the benefits will overtake the stumbling blocks and ultimately result in growing the WMMA fan base. Teaming up with the biggest MMA promotion in the world probably won’t hurt.

According to the press release, Invicta is hoping for a late summer event. More information about Fight Pass can be found at the FAQ.

Sydnie Jones