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Jessica Aguilar: Free Agent

The news spread quickly throughout the twitterverse Monday: strawweight Jessica “JAG” Aguilar (19-4) had been released from her WSOF contract and was now a free agent.

This was quickly followed by a flurry of tweets wondering when she would sign with the UFC. Actually, this was a question people have been asking since the UFC announced their strawweight division. How could that division be complete without JAG, the world’s top-ranked strawweight, in the mix?

It’s easy to forget Aguilar is only 33-years-old, because she’s been a force in WMMA for so long.jag2

She’s fought for Bellator and WSOF. She’s won the FILA Senior World Championship more than once. She is the only fighter to legitimately beat the great Megumi Fujii (26-3).

WSOF’s President Ray Sefo said yesterday, “We do not have the best fighters in this particular women’s weight class, so it was time to shake hands {with Aguilar} and amicably part ways.”

WomensMMA reached out to Aguilar for a statement on her free agency: “I’m excited to be a free agent. I’m looking forward to challenging myself against the best and proving why I am the number one-ranked strawweight fighter in the world.”

Fans of WMMA are also looking forward to that.

So, we’ll end this with the question so many of us want answered: when is the UFC signing JAG?

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