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Joanna Jędrzejczyk Out For Several Months Following Thumb Surgery

Undefeated Strawweight Champion Joanna Jędrzejczyk (10-0) has learned that sometimes the God of War demands a price for victory. It was obvious she had a hand injury after her brutal beatdown of Jessica Penne (12-3) during her successful title defense June 20. Jędrzejczyk outstruck Penne 190-28, and that lopsided win left her with a badly dislocated thumb.

The possibility of corrective surgery was first suggested and then quickly denied by Jędrzejczyk’s camp soon after the fight. Jędrzejczyk herself stated just a few days ago, “I went to hospital right away after the fight in Germany, They did the x-ray, they put the cast {on}, and they let me go back to Poland and meet the doctors. They said I was going to need the operation. So I went to a good medical center in Warsaw, Poland, so, yeah, they did the exams again, and they said I don’t need surgery, so I’m very happy.”

But the Champ’s presence in the United States this week wasn’t just for the unveiling of the new UFC Fight Kit. When pressed why she was heading to an appointment to meet a UFC a doctor, she said, “I can be back in three to four weeks training [with no surgery]. If I’m going to have the operation, it’s going to be three months. I want to fight by the end of the year.”

It seems the news Jędrzejczyk received in the States agreed with the initial diagnosis given in Germany post-fight, because she did indeed have surgery, and will be out of commission until the end of the year.

Jędrzejczyk had the surgery done at Kerlan Jobe Orthopedic Clinic in Los Angeles, which is a world-renowned surgery center which specializes in sports-related injuries. Other athletes treated there include Georges St. Pierre and Tom Brady. Her physician of care is Steven Shin, who is a top hand surgeon.

Jędrzejczyk admitted on the MMA Hour she was aware of the injury during the fight with Penne, “After the first round, I went to my corner, I let my trainer know about it, but it was a fight. Never, ever for thirteen years of fighting career, I’ve never had big problems and injury. It was extra power for me, it’s a fight. We’re going to show that, in the fight we cannot show to our opponents that something happened. I am a fighter. I just wanted to show everyone I am going to be champion for awhile.”

The fear, as with any athletic injury, is that this will cause long-term hand problems for Jędrzejczyk, which would be devastating for such a first-class striker.


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