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Lauren Murphy: Fight Camp

laurenmurphyIn just ten days, undefeated Invicta Bantamweight Champion Lauren Murphy makes her UFC debut at Fight Night 47: Bader vs. Saint Preux, against Sara McMann. We asked her what the lead up to a fight was like, and she shared her thoughts.

Fight Camp
by Lauren Murphy

It’s like a roller coaster. I’ve always thought that. You take a fight, sign the papers, and that’s it. You walk through fight camp, every day going by faster than the last.

Waiting in line for the ride, every step takes you closer, sometimes you can hear people screaming as they plummet past. Talk about whatever with whomever you’re with, passing the time until you get on, trying not to be too excited or nervous.

Suddenly it’s fight week.

You’re at the front of the line.

Fly to wherever you’re fighting, arrive at the hotel, sign all the paperwork, pee in all the cups, pace your hotel room a million times, the anticipation builds.

Buckle into your seat, wait for the rest to give their tickets and get in.

It’s fight day, you wake up and work up a sweat, go to the arena, butterflies in your stomach.

You’re moving, going up the first hill now, the big drop is coming up.

You walk to the cage, music playing, and here it is.  You’ve waited all week eight weeks your whole life for this one big moment. You question if you’re prepared, if this was a good idea, how you got here.

The coaster pauses at the top of the hill. You can see the whole world from up here.  Everything slows down.

“FIGHT!” With the drop of a hand the referee signals the start.

The coaster is falling now and you can’t hear anything or breathe, your stomach is somewhere in your throat.

It’s a wild ride, up and down and all around, out of your control but not, maybe something like being in a car crash, but much safer. You realize you’re enjoying this, that in the hard work and preparation, you may have forgotten how fun this is, that this is why you love this sport.

Before you know it, it’s over. All that time in camp, waiting in line, for the 15 minute ride of a lifetime. You don’t wonder if it was worth the hardship. You absolutely know it was.


Stay tuned over the next few days for an upcoming interview with Murphy!

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