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Quick News: Ediane Gomes DGAF, Tate vs. Nakai?, Holly’s & Gina’s Nebulous Futures in the UFC

Ediane Gomes suggests replacing the women UFC fighters with strippers, insults entire division except for Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes:

“The (female) fighters in the UFC are more worried about showing their asses than actually fighting. MMA has become a new thing because of Ronda, but she’s actually one of the few real fighters. To be in the UFC, you have to show your ass. They should just put some strippers to brawl in there, it would be better.

“Ronda deserves to be where she is now. I don’t see any fighter to beat her. The only one that could give her some trouble is Amanda Nunes. Nobody else can take her title. She’s good in what she does. The others are terrible. A bunch of cans. I say this and I’m not ashamed of it. It’s ridiculous. I dream about fighting in the UFC to show the other fighters that they need to train more. Miesha is good, but she should stay as a model so she can make more money.”


To much surprise, confusion, and some skepticism, Rin Nakai signed with the UFC and may fight Miesha Tate in September.


To no one’s surprise, negotiations between Gina Carano and the UFC have stalled. 

According to a report made by MMAFighting.com’s Ariel Helwani on UFC Tonight, negotiations between Carano (7-1) and the UFC have stalled. The situation is not dead in the water, as both sides still wish to work together, but as of this writing, Carano’s Strikeforce contract has expired and the actress, who last fought in mid-2009 and this year turned 32 years old, is free to look elsewhere if she so desires.

However, from the same article, Holly Holm and the UFC might be getting somewhere:

The UFC women’s bantamweight division may ultimately receive a facelift of a different sort, as talks between Zuffa officials and former world champion boxer Holly Holm (7-0) are “progressing and are in a good place,” according to Helwani, although a final deal has yet to be reached.


Rin Nakai photograph via Fightland


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