Posted February 24, 2014 by Sydnie Jones in InvictaFC

Rousey vs. Cyborg? Dana says ‘Maybe’!

The Rousey-Cyborg feud has been long-running, and the chances for a fight between them seem to improve with every update we get lately.

First, Cyborg said to Inside MMA  her plan is to drop to 135, take the Invicta Bantamweight title from current champ Lauren Murphy, and then fight Rousey twice – the second Rousey fight in order to “to kick (her) ass again so that the world can see it wasn’t luck.”

But there are some potential hitches to Cyborg’s giddy-ups. First, as Aurora Ford points out over at Fightland, Invicta may not be particularly inclined to have Cyborg come into a weight class with the intent to take the title and never return to defend it. There’s not much incentive to do that. Further, Dana White says Cyborg is mistaken if she expects to enter the UFC and get an immediate title shot without taking at least a couple fights at 135 in the UFC first – following a couple fights at 135 elsewhere. But he doesn’t dismiss the idea out of hand, and Rousey says that ‘of course’ she’s interested.

It sounds like Cyborg should possibly expect to fight three times minimum at 135 before getting a shot at Ronda, and probably more than that. There are certainly several obstacles, ranging from Cyborg’s expectations to Invicta’s interests to the UFC’s interests. But, perhaps, if enough hype is built up around the feud, Cyborg can bypass some of the fights to satisfy the fans.

What do you want to see happen? And what would happen in Rousey vs. Cyborg? How about Cyborg vs. Murphy?

photo credit: Michael Dunn

Sydnie Jones