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TUF 20 Promo Released; Is Almost Entirely Disappointing & Sexist

shamelessly stolen from @3amMMA

shamelessly stolen from @3amMMA

First, the women themselves are, of course, not disappointing. This isn’t a criticism of them. But the way the UFC has chosen to present the fighters, from the very first word we see and hear, is disappointing.

BEAUTY, we see and hear, following shots of Felice Herrig and Rose Namajunas in short skirts and high heels, may be skin deep. Cut to close up shots of beautiful lady faces heavily made up  and accessorized with jewelry. Then they say some crap about strength coming from the heart and other stuff serving as background noise while they pander to the lowest common denominator, dudes who don’t mind a woman’s sex appeal placed ahead of skill, drive, and experience.

Worse yet, the UFC is okay leading with their sex appeal, having the fighters pose like models in garb that makes fighting nearly impossible, in effect limiting their ability to protect themselves and removing a degree of their independence. Because it’s important to reassure these LCD men that even these fearsome fighter girls still seek and require male approval and confirmation of their appeal. Even if they’re highly accomplished in their field, what’s truly important is that their sex appeal remain intact. So don’t worry, LCD guys. If they get too uppity and mouthy, just remind them that their primary purpose is in service to men and put them squarely back in their place.

Or whatever. Maybe I’m just projecting because I’m an oversensitive feminist. Probably. So I’ll just overlook the ‘easy on the eyes, and hard on the face’ line and the complete lack of any fighting footage whatsoever and concede that this is a totally legit promo that presents the fighters as fighters and not beautiful novelties sexily brutalizing each other.  As a straight woman, let me just say, I sure look forward to the next season with men if this is how they’re going to advertise their fighters. Get the tissues ready, ’cause this season of TUF is gonna be HOT.

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