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Conor McGregor hits comedy gold, tells Conan Jose Aldo was cleared by his gynecologist

By Sydnie Jones

The scheduled title fight at UFC 189 between featherweight champion Jose Aldo and super-hyped contender Conor McGregor was canceled after Aldo suffered a fractured rib in training. Now, McGregor will fight Chad Mendes for the interim belt. Initially, it was reported that Aldo had suffered only a bruised rib, and they anticipated he’d be cleared to fight. It was then that McGregor tweeted this:

McGregor’s chain of reasoning for this insult rests in the implication that the best way to insult a man is to suggest he’s actually a girl. And what’s even more embarrassing than being called a girl? Being called a menstruating girl, because eeeeeew periods are grody.

If you’re a 13 year old boy. 

If you’ve graduated beyond being disgusted by a biological function, however, then you probably recognize this type of insult for what it is: a tired cultural trope that isn’t funny. It’s unoriginal. It’s insulting to women. It’s sexist. It’s immature. It’s lazy.

McGregor is good at trolling his opponents and keeping his hype train going, and the buzz around this fight means everything he says is reaching more people. More fans. More potential fans. So when he appeared on Conan, millions of people heard him say this: 

Hilaaaaaaaaaarious. You see, because Aldo is a girl, he had to go to the girlparts doctor and make sure his VAGINA was okay to fight McGregor. Aldo has a vagina! Aldo is not a man! Get some ointment for that wicked burn, Aldo!

This is not the first time McGregor has represented MMA as an evolved sport full of progressive, intelligent people. Prior to his fight against German fighter Dennis Siver, McGregor called him a Nazi. Perhaps McGregor simply has no comprehension of how far is too far in shit-talking. It seems safe to say that if he thought calling a German man a Nazi was a chill thing to do long enough to tweet it, the manifestation of systemic sexism in our lexicon would sail right over his head.

Maybe that’s the case; using gender in shit-talking is a recurring theme for McGregor. In a media conference call for UFC 189 (below), McGregor says he’ll face Aldo if Aldo will “man up,” but isn’t optimistic because of all the times Aldo has “pussied out.” In October, he said he’d “rest (his) balls on (Chad Mendes’) forehead.”

It’s unfortunate this is an issue McGregor can’t be bothered to care about, because he’s charismatic, articulate, and dresses like a Dickensian textiles magnate, which is super fresh. Few MMA fighters achieve the level of celebrity that facilitates appearances on widely-broadcast talk shows. So to have one of those few go on a talk show and say dumb unexamined bullshit like McGregor did is vastly more embarrassing than a man being called a woman.

If McGregor wins the interim title on July 11, at least the UFC can boast a clueless manchild as champion. While that’s miles better than the risk of having a convicted domestic abuser for a champ, it’s still exactly what people expect from MMA.

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