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UFC 190: Ronda Rousey KO’s Bethe Correia in 34 seconds – full-fight video

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In what came as a shock to no one, except perhaps Bethe Correia, Ronda Rousey won at UFC 190, stopping the fight before she intended via KO at 34 seconds of the first round. Immediately after the fight, Rousey told Correia, “Don’t cry,” which Correia said to Rousey repeatedly at the weigh-ins.

In the post-fight media conference, when asked about Cyborg, Ronda said, “I’m prepared to deal with anything. That’s why I’m the champ. I fight in the UFC 135 pound division, and she can fight 145, pumped full of steroids, and she can make weight just like everybody else without them.”

Dana said this about a fight with Cyborg: “I’m ready for Cyborg. Ronda is ready for Cyborg. Everybody wants to see that fight. But Cyborg has to make the weight…that fight is ready to roll, whenever Cyborg is ready.”

In a comment about the potential of adding in another women’s weight class, Dana said, “I never, I don’t think anybody ever realized how technical and how amazing these female athletes could be in combat sports.”

Presumably, the female athletes in combat sports had some idea.

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