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Anthony Johnson apparently afraid of consequences after all, apologizes; UFC issues statement

anthonyjohnson6Convicted domestic abuser and the UFC’s top light heavyweight challenger Anthony “Rumble”  Johnson issued an apology on Facebook yesterday for victimizing a woman stretching on her yoga mat at a gym earlier this week. Johnson posted a self-satisfied rant in a Facebook status on Tuesday night, describing a physical confrontation with an unnamed female gym patron after she called him rude while stretching in an area he claims is for weight-lifting. After some “shit-talking” (Johnson’s words) by the victim, Johnson pulled the victim’s yoga mat from under her person and threw it. Johnson’s recounting of the events included a threat to her person if she “got in the way of an athlete again.” The post has since been deleted; however, nothing truly disappears from the internet. His apology reads:

via Facebook

via Facebook

The original rant is as follows:

This is not Johnson’s first bout with physical encounters with women:  in 2010, he pleaded no contest to domestic violence charges. The UFC suspended Johnson in 2014 because of domestic violence allegations made by the mother of his children; the charges were later dismissed. Johnson’s upcoming fight on the PPV of UFC 191 may be in jeopardy, as the UFC has started an investigation into this most recent incident. They released the following statement:

The UFC is aware of the situation involving Anthony Johnson. We take these matters seriously and have commenced a formal investigation by a third-party law firm. We will act accordingly once we gather more information.

As of this writing, the victim has not yet filed suit and so far there have been no rumblings to this effect.  As your trusted UFC domestic violence news source, check back with us as the story unfolds.

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