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Don’t Ask For Permission, Ask For Forgiveness: UFC Bumbles Rumble Situation…Again


To gain forgiveness, you must earn it.  It remains to be seen whether habitual line-stepper Anthony Johnson has earned forgiveness after his apology last week, but the UFC is ready to accept it without question, as evidenced by yesterday’s press release.

After this:

Johnson apologized one day later, citing that it takes a strong man to realize they have fucked up.  We would like to remind you, dear reader, that the strongest of men are those able to maintain excellent relationships with women and never have the urge to throw a huge, violent, man-baby fit in a gym; or, you know, cultivate a life where you are accused of domestic violence like it is a habit, with one ultimately leading to a no contest plea.

Yesterday, the UFC released a statement condemning Johnson’s actions and praising his attempt at restitution with his latest victim, himself and society.  The UFC reports that Johnson will seek therapy, the victim accepts his apology, and Johnson has agreed to make a donation to a Florida-based women’s charity (Hawaiin Tropic Bikini Team?). Here’s the release:

Following a thorough investigation by a third-party law firm, UFC® is extremely disappointed with Anthony Johnson’s recent actions, as the organization does not tolerate behavior of this nature from any athletes under contract with the UFC. Johnson personally apologized to the woman he verbally offended at a Florida gym last week and for the insensitive comments he made on social media afterwards. The woman accepted Johnson’s apology and indicated a desire to put this unfortunate matter behind them. In order to ensure these situations do not happen in the future, Johnson has agreed to participate in counseling and UFC will support him through this process. Johnson has also agreed to make a donation to a Florida-based women’s charity.

Truly, we hope that Johnson gets the help he needs, since the 52 weeks of counseling reportedly mandated by the court when he was convicted of domestic violence in 2010 were apparently insufficient.  Well, we should probably just close the book on this one, right? Even though there’s no mention in the statement that Johnson pulled a yoga mat out from under the woman and threw it across the gym?

We still have lingering some questions that won’t be answered by supposed friend of Jon Lovitz Dana White–a man that really wants you to know that he was NEVER friends with Stitch Duran, yet is chiller than chill being associated with a swathe of domestic abusers. It’s suspect to believe that she accepted his apology without reaching a settlement.  Also, what kind of counseling? Anger management? Domestic Violence? Group Counseling? The world may never know, as is the nature of the UFC’s third-party law firm investigations, but the outcome–whether Johnson can truly be reformed–may depend on these details. At least Johnson and UFC have each other. And they probably will for the next “unfortunate matter,” too.

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