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Why Joanne Calderwood & Cortney Casey Both Won At UFC Glasgow

The strawweight bout between Joanne Calderwood (10-1) and Cortney Casey (4-2) at UFC Glasgow ended as expected with a win by Calderwood, but the entertaining fight shows why Casey is a great addition to the UFC roster, and why both Joanne Calderwood and Cortney Casey won at Glasgow.

Bec Rawlings (6-4) was slated to meet Calderwood at Glasgow, but dropped out due to a stress fracture only eight days before the fight, leaving UFC matchmakers scrambling to find a healthy replacement who could make weight on such short notice. Rumor is Casey was on the radar to be signed soon anyway, and was available and able to make weight, so signed she was.

And I’m so glad she was.

Not only was Casey a better matchup than Rawlings, she brought the fun. She came zooming out of her corner at the bell and banged Calderwood with a flurry of strikes that visibly flustered and rocked Calderwood, and a sickening feeling of déjà vu and the memory of the Calderwood-Moroz fight settled over the Octagon.

Casey’s subpar striking lacked technique, but had power, and it appeared Calderwood was headed for 0-2 in the UFC and some serious soul searching, until Calderwood rallied, and spent most of the rest of round one on the mat, where Calderwood did little damage from the top, but kept herself safe.

Casey significantly gassed the last two rounds, and her striking became sloppier and her standing defense disappeared, but she never gave up trying to submit Calderwood, even after a devastating and magnificent spinning body kick sent her sprawling. It was all JoJo’s after that, and the roar of the crowd, if possible, became even louder.

What happens after a fight can really tell us the caliber of a fighter, and Calderwood and Casey embraced with mutual respect and affection, with Casey literally applauding Calderwood’s win. A classy ending to a great fight.

The fight was fun and fast and entertaining and deservedly won FOTN.

The judges awarded Calderwood all three rounds, but I think Casey took the first 10-9, although there’s no disagreement with who took the last two.

But I’m also fine with the UD, because Calderwood needed this win. Not just to possibly still keep her contract with the UFC, but I wonder if another loss, especially one on home soil to a newly-signed fighter, would have broken her.

But she won, and by round three much of the old JoJo was back, and she rose to the deafening roars of the Scottish crowd as much as they rose to her, and the memory of Krakow, although not forgotten (because no warrior ever forgets a loss), lost some of its sting.

And Reebok needs to make a plaid fighting kilt for Calderwood. Now.



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