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UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer Survives Brutal Domestic Violence Attack

UFC Ring Girl Brittney Palmer’s husband Aaron Zalewski has been arrested for attempted murder against her. Although the information was just released today via TMZ, the incident occurred on June 11 at the couple’s Los Angeles home.

Palmer and Zalewski were married in May 2014. He works in the finance industry.

As per documents obtained and released by TMZ Sports, the incident was sparked by Zalewski overhearing a casting agent calling Palmer a “babe” over the phone. The incident quickly escalated into a physically violent domestic incident that continued until Palmer was able to escape.

LAPD reports state Brittney Palmer informed them Zalewski threw her around “like a rag doll,” and then attempted to kill her by strangulation.

In addition, he noticed she was recording the incident on her phone, and when he grabbed the phone, he threw her against a bedpost where she struck her head.

Palmer informed the LAPD Zalewski screamed, “Pack your f**king bags and go,” but when she attempted to leave, he held her captive by pinning her face down on the bed where she struggled to breathe. Palmer also stated Zalewski made his own arms bleed and then asked her, “Why are you making me do this? I just wanted you to love me.”

Palmer finally escaped at 1:25 am and ran to a safe area where she contacted the police. Police soon arrived at the couple’s house, where they took Zalewski into custody.

He was arrested for attempted murder, spousal battery, and criminal threats, and was released on $1,000,000 bail the next day. The case is now with the Los Angeles City Attorney, who hopefully will move to indict Zalewski as soon as possible.

If you or anyone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call the domestic violence hotline number in your country as soon as it’s safe for you to do so:

1 800 799 7233 (USA)
1 800 363 9010 (Canada)
0808 2000 247 (UK)
1 800 341 900 or 1 800 66 66 66 (Ireland)
1 800 737 732 (Australia)


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